Death Of The Eldest Koelsh Brother

This five song indie folk EP tells the story of the wealthy Koelsh Family, with each track told from the perspective of a different brother following their oldest sibling's untimely death.

Death Of The Eldest Koelsch Brother Cover
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Graduation At The Apocalypse

INVASION! This apocalyptic rock opera marks the first full-length album from Garrett Eckl's internet music project Your Name Here. Blending aspects of Rock, Pop, Alternative, and even Musical Theater, "Graduation At The Apocalypse" tells the story of two teenagers running away together at the dawn of an alien invasion.

Graduation At The Apocalypse Cover
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Graduation At The Apocalypse: The ARG Experience

Created to coincide with the release of Your Name Here's rock opera Graduation At The Apocalypse, this alternate reality game led players through a series of websites, riddles and much more. Over a hundred players worked together to save the world from an apocalyptic disaster, gathering evidence, investigating real world locations, and winning prizes along the way.

5 Weeks Cover
5 Weeks
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